FREE | JANUARY 30, 12pm ET

Power Up: A Deep Dive into Creatine, Plus a Booty Bonus Session

Ready to power up for a tight, fit body? Join Amanda Tress and Dr. Bill Campbell for an exclusive look at the #1 supplement to ignite new levels of total body definition - creatine. Plus, we’ll reveal our secrets to building a lifted booty you’re proud of!

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Faster Way to Fat Loss Creatine Training

In this info-packed webinar, you'll discover:

  • How creatine helps ignite your energy so you build muscle and burn fat.
  • The science-backed ways creatine safely boosts strength and lean muscle.
  • What sets creatine apart from other supplements you might be taking.
  • Why NOW is the time to start taking creatine if you're serious about transforming your body.
  • Plus, a bonus segment where you’ll learn how to build your best butt ever!

Our Expert Speakers

Amanda Tress

Amanda Tress is the founder and CEO of The FASTer Way to Fat Loss where she is widely recognized as one of the nation’s top entrepreneurs and fat loss experts. Amanda has empowered over 400,595 clients to transform their lives through her clinically-proven program, and has earned a spot on the Inc. 500 list for the past 4 years.

Dr Bill Campbell

Dr. Bill Campbell is a leading expert in exercise science, sports nutrition, and physique enhancement. He earned his Ph.D. from Baylor University and currently serves as a Professor and Director of the Performance and Physique Enhancement Lab at the University of South Florida. Dr. Campbell has over 15 years of research and 200+ publications on resistance training, sports nutrition, and supplementation.

Le Bergin

Le Bergin is a FASTer Way Pro Trainer and distinguished expert in body composition and muscle development with decades of experience. She helps clients achieve fit physiques by teaching advanced nutrition and fitness principles in lifestyle-friendly ways for lasting results.


Build Your Dream Booty!

Stick around, as our Pro Trainer Le will join in to reveal her top exercises and moves for building a round, lifted backside - amplified by the power of creatine! Get ready for your dream booty!


  • The best type of booty burners for maximum results
  • Surprising culprits keeping your backside flat
  • How to build lean muscle mass for a perky, toned look
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