Meet the Creator, Amanda Tress

Amanda Tress is a wife, mom of three, and creator of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  As a personal trainer, she was frustrated by the lack of results her clients were seeing, even when they followed the workouts and standard nutrition advice.  She started experimenting with other strategies, and suddenly her clients were seeing incredible results. Amanda continued trying different fitness and nutrition strategies until she found a combination that worked incredibly well for EVERY client.  Word quickly spread, and now the Faster Way has changed thousands of lives all over the world!

Amanda is a personal trainer and nutritionist, and she’s passionate about helping women take control of their health.  The FASTer Way to Fat Loss isn’t just the best weight loss program on the market, it’s a safe, sustainable way to burn fat, balance hormones, renew your energy and feel your absolute best!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coaches


The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach Certification was created in May 2017 to equip wellness professionals to learn the science behind the cutting-edge strategies of the FASTer Way program. Individuals who pass the certification exam are called “FASTer Way to Fat Loss Certified Coaches.” Clients can finally achieve their wellness goals through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss fitness and nutrition strategies and a support system like no other. As a FASTer Way team, we are passionate about empowering our coaches to earn a significant income with the FWTFL Coach Certification and partnership. We believe that equipping every wellness professional to earn real money in order to recirculate wealth to their family, church, and community is the most important way to solve problems in the world. In addition to leading their own clients through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, many Certified Coaches are hired to serve as client specialists for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss rounds run by Amanda Tress. We are so grateful for our coach community and the number of lives impacted through this partnership.